You Need a Sales Process

The sales process begins from the moment your prospect shows interest and wants to know more. They’ve made an enquiry and want to know if your product can help them. You’ve begun a consultation and have the customer’s full attention. So everything I’ll be talking about that concerns the sales process will consist of the consultation you provide, the actual conversation you are having with the prospect. Everything else that has brought the prospect to you, such as marketing, prospecting, networking or by any other means is not part of the sales process I’ll be covering in this podcast series. Throughout this series I will discuss other aspects of the sales industry and I wanted to make it clear that when I refer to the sales process I’m referring to the actual person-to-person conversation that takes place.

It’s incredibly important to use a well defined sales process. It’s important for you and it’s important for your customer. Most customers are looking to you for guidance, they want to be looked after and they appreciate your expertise to deliver a great experience for them. 

The sales process I’ll be delivering to you is something I was taught during my first sales position. My first sales job was as a travel agent. The company I worked for invested a lot of time in training and effectively delivering the knowledge we needed to use this sales process with every customer. It was a well thought out and simple sales process. I’ll get into much more detail throughout this podcast series. I’m really excited to be able to deliver my insights into using this sales process because it changed my life. That might sound a little dramatic but I’m being serious. The reason being is that when I first started this job we were advised to use a sales process that didn’t work and nobody really followed it. About a year or so later a NEW sales process was introduced and this is the process that changed my life.

The basic 4 stages of the sales process are: 





This sales process isn’t something I created, it’s not something I just made up on my own. This was delivered to me by a previous employer and used for many many years by hundreds of sales professionals. I used it on a daily basis throughout my sales career, so I have firsthand knowledge on how to use it effectively.

I’m excited to be able to deliver this knowledge to you and I really hope the information I can provide on using a sales process will help you within your sales career.


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