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You want to sell. I want to teach you. It’s that simple. Whether it’s a product or service, my proven strategies can help you meet your sales target – and then smash it.

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Meet Steven Croft

 I genuinely believe anyone can sell – it all comes down to learning the tools and processes behind the art.

I’ve been a sales professional for over 10 years, and I’ve worked in Business Development as a Sales Manager, Sales Trainer and Sales Coach. There isn’t anybody I’ve met who hasn’t grasped my selling methods. I make it easy to learn. So, if you’re looking for proven strategies and methods to sell your product or service, I’m here to help.

Connect. Discover. Create. Commit. My approach to selling is to build relationships. When you master interpersonal skills, you gain a powerful stranglehold over your competitors. Whether you’re talking to prospective clients face-to-face, over the phone, inbound or outbound, my insights will show you how to execute a sale. Consistently. 


In my 10 years as a sales professional, I’ve learnt a lot. And I’m here to share that knowledge with you. Through my weekly podcasts, articles and videos, you’ll learn how to create and manage a quality sales pipeline in order to cross that line. Every time. (And it won’t take you 10 years.)


We all learn differently. Not into podcasts or videos? No problem. That’s why I’ve written several articles for you to sink your teeth into. I make complex concepts easy to absorb so you can execute my insights effortlessly. Bookmark for later or read now.

You Need a Sales Process

The sales process begins from the moment your prospect shows interest and wants to know more. They’ve made an enquiry and want to know if your product can help them....

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My weekly podcasts are for anyone who wants to learn the art of selling. Each week, I’ll cover topics such as sales hacks and how to close a deal, as well as feature interviews with people in prominent sales roles. Whether you’re a seasoned sales professional or an owner/operator looking for insights into selling, my short segments are designed to help you wield the sales journey to your advantage. You can start anywhere, and in no particular order – but just start!


Lesson number one: It doesn’t matter what you sell – as long as you’re selling. Want more sales tips and tricks? Watch my short videos, where I’ll spotlight pain points, introduce a solution, and demonstrate resolutions – all in an engaging way. I promise you won’t be bored.

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Got questions? Suggestions on what you want to hear covered in the podcasts? Need personalised advice? You can contact Steven Croft on any of the channels below.